Each seed is hand sown on an oaken table in the sunny footprint of a pane glass window overlooking Lake Auburn. Nestled in trays within the warm confines of a vertical greenhouse, they germinate in individual soil blocks the size of sugar cubes. Once their first true leaves emerge, our MOFGA certified organic seedlings are gently transplanted into peat-free biodegradable pots where they will spend the next several weeks developing strong roots, stems, and leaves. Now ready for the garden, they are hardened off and prepared for pickup.

  • Seeds, Soil, Sun.

    It’s a simple operation, devoid of elaborate production but long on purpose. The allure of growing heirloom tomatoes is undeniable, and we are dedicated to preserving and sharing them with you. While they may require a bit more nurturing than hybrids, saving a place in your garden for at least one open-pollinated variety will not only help to ensure genetic diversity, but also reward you with amazing flavors, brilliant colors, and rich histories. We invite you to explore our catalog and wish you a bountiful growing season.

  • Black from Tula

    Beautiful heirloom from Ukraine that presents stunningly rich colors when sliced. Very good flavor.