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Dwarf Blazing Beauty

Dwarf Blazing Beauty

About "Dwarf Blazing Beauty"

Description: Holds the distinction of being the first orange variety released by the Dwarf Tomato Project. Bright flavor perfectly complements fruit color. Fine selection.

Category: Dwarf Tomato Project and OSSI Pledged

Hails From: Bi-Hemisphere Breeding Project

Culinary Uses: Slicer

Growth Habit: Dwarf and Indeterminate

Harvest: Midseason

Tomato Color: Orange

Tomato Size: Medium

Tomato Shape: Oblate

Leaf Type: Rugose and Potato

Provenance: Per Craig LeHoullier: "A member of the Tipsy family (Golden Dwarf Champion X Elbe), Dwarf Blazing Beauty is the collaborative work of Patrina Nuske Small, Craig LeHoullier (who named it), John Schmuch, Amanda Fischer, Bill Yoder, Dee Sackett, Doug Frank, and Susan Oliverson."

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