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Dwarf Awesome

Dwarf Awesome

About "Dwarf Awesome"

Description: Very good producer of medium yellow slicers with excellent flavor. Fruit displays soft reddish blush. A Dwarf Tomato Project release.

Category: Dwarf Tomato Project and OSSI Pledged

Hails From: Bi-Hemisphere Breeding Project

Culinary Uses: Slicer

Growth Habit: Indeterminate and Dwarf

Harvest: Midseason

Tomato Color: Yellow

Tomato Size: Medium

Tomato Shape: Round

Leaf Type: Rugose and Regular

Provenance: Per Craig LeHoullier: "Soren Linnemann created the Ivalde family by crossing Vjerino Paradajiz Sjeme with Wherokowhai in 2011. Many volunteers worked on the Ivalde line, but Linda Black was solely responsible for the selection, naming and stabilization of Dwarf Awesome. Bill Minkey produced the seed for the initial release."

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